"There was no one here to confuse me,
so I was forced to become original." Joseph Haydn

educator, pianist, presenter.

Martha has combined her lifelong interests in music, technology, and education into advocacy for the cause of music in therapeutic as well as aesthetic environments in the concert hall and beyond.

With a varied career in professional music pedagogy, performance, and computer development over her lifetime, one of her long-term goals is to facilitate the automation of some of the biomedical music techniques that have proven so powerful in working with children with special needs.


Latest News



Concert highlights of shorter violin and piano selections are now available for viewing online from the Power of Music concert, an event to celebrate #musicscience.


Martha is organizing and performing for the Power of Music concert event to celebrate #musicscience. This virtual event will be fully viewable on YouTube from June 1, 2021 to July 1, 2021.


Martha is presenting at Ohio State University's Future Directions of Music Cognition virtual conference on March 6, 2021.