random thoughts


It would have been Mom and Dad's 57th anniversary today. Time to start working on another quilt, Mom always loved seeing them come out when they were done and it's a great thing to have an alternate skill to get me out of my music head periodically!


After years of pushing thru ideas to the educational system about the importance of training people for music in therapy, I had a "facepalm" moment today and realized that the message must go out directly to the medical community rather than just filtering through the educational community. They need to know the amazing benefits of music in a therapeutic setting, and my initial reaction is that I need to find out more about how to start volunteering to play at some of the local hospitals. It's not music therapy, but hopefully by exposing them to music and having them see first hand the immediate response, the next step will be to figure out why and then get some real music therapy programs going.


Hmmmm, first time in years I haven't been sure of when my next musical performance will be...how did that happen? It will come soon enough, and in the meantime, there sure is a load of just plain old non-musical presentations coming up this coming spring!


Brilliance! I was able to see the live simulcast in the movie theater of the Monty Python Live (Mostly) show from London, the last official ("Probably" as they say) gathering of the guys as the Pythons. Not only were all the old predictable and wonderful moments there in both past footage and live performance, but a spectacular moment came in a pre-recorded video when the amazing wheel chair racing Stephen Hawking, yes, the real Stephen Hawking, mowed down fellow astrophysicist Brian Cox. And Professor Hawking was also shown live in the audience at the show, how wonderful that such an amazing person also has such a great sense of humor! (Evidently he's been a Python fan for years, bravo to him!!!)


A tribute picture to our beloved Belle the basset hound. We lost her today after she lived for 18 amazing years. Belle and her mate Dude (who passed in 2009) were the king and queen of the household, and bassets reigned supreme for many years. They were truly wonderful dogs, and at some point after time has passed I'm sure another puppy will find us.