Solo pianist

Martha began playing the piano at age 4, she continues to learn something new about it everyday.


Biomedical music protocols for developmental, intellectual, or rehabilitation challenges.


Frequent invitations for conference presentations and pre-concert lectures at performance events.


Martha has collected data for over 2 decades on the efficacy of biomedical music protocols.

Fiber artist

Quilting, weaving, and sewing are a wonderful alternate form of creative output.

Chamber musician

The most wonderful experiences come from performing together with other incredible musicians.

Owned by basset hounds

Martha has been continuously owned by basset hounds for close to 25 years, this is Gracie Belle.


Dozens of lectures given for all levels of academic schooling.

Animal music immersion

A favorite activity is playing for the alpacas at a local farm, Bella and Liza Jane are intently listening.